We no longer support the form below. To contact us regarding account issues only please email us at webmaster (@) mailpride.com.

BEFORE filling out the form below please be sure the mail actually came from a mailpride.com user, 99% of the time they don't.

We do not have the resources to reply to false complaints. In order to view the headers of a message follow these steps:

Report Spam that came from a Mail Pride member account:
Not all SPAM you receive from an @mailpride.com address is from a legitimate Mail Pride account. In order for us to best assist you, please help us by identifying the true origin of the email message you received.
  • Please consult the Help associated with your e-mail program to determine how to view complete (full) header information or click HERE.
  • Search for the following line of text in the message header: X-originating-IP. An example looks like this:
    Date: 18 Mar 2003 02:23:14 -0000
    X-Originating-IP: []
    To: usersentto@domain.net
    From: "Janelle" <personat@mailpride.com>

    If you are unable to locate an X-originating-IP line in the header of the message, this indicates the message has been forged and is not from a legitimate account. Unfortunately, we are unable to take action against this account because it does not implicate a member.
  • If you find an X-originating-IP line in the header of the message, forward a complete copy of the message, including the full message headers in the form below.

    To be extra sure:
    The header line must MATCH this line exactly for it to have originated from our service:

    Received: from mail.jmsinternet.com ([])

    Anything else appearing on this line shows it came from another service, (you can use this line to identify whom you should report the abuse to) putting mailpride.com in this line also shows it was forged.
    For example:
    Received: (qmail 95692 invoked from network[])
    Received: from mailpride.com ([]) by rwcrgwc51.attbi.com

    Both show IP addresses that are not ours ( Spam complaints should be made to the offending ISP's directly.
    For our examples the first offense should be reported to: abuse@adelphia.net and the second to abuse@attbi.com

    Why would someone make up a false email address?
    Well they have no intension of removing you from a list and could care less to hear back from you in most cases.
    Why do they target our service?
    I've often wondered that myself. All I can think of is they don't like the fact that we are a gay and lesbian email service.
    I'm not sure who to complain to, what should I do?
    I suggest you take the complete spam message and use the free service from SpamCop. Their automated system will identify the offending parties and deliver the reports to them directly. (be sure not to check any unchecked boxes on the reporting page)

    If you are sure the spam originated from our service please complete the following information:
    Your name:
    * Your e-mail address:
    * Email address in question:
    Please be sure to provide the Complete Email Address.
    For Example: membername@mailpride.com

    * Please paste a copy of the message sent to you, with headers:

    * = Required Information




    To view full headers from Outlook and Outlook express follow these instructions:
    If your Outlook isn't open, open it now and click on the folder with the mail message in it. Double-click on the message that you want to view the full headers on. That opens the message in it's own window and allows you access to view options for this particular message. From the View menu select options. That brings up the Messsage Options Window. At the bottom of the Message Options window is a window for Internet headers. View this information and verify the spam came from our service. If so, cut and paste the headers from that window into the form below, along with the message body.

    Eudora and Eudora Pro users:
    while viewing the message (in window) click on "blah blah blah" button. The headers will be added above the message body.